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 What Size Organic Preroll Cones Are Available? Two size choices are available. A. 1 1/4 (holds 1 g of flowers) 1 or 2 person rotation. B. 98 Special (holds 1.33 g of flower). 2-6 person rotation K.I.S.S. ( Keep It Simple Stoner)

How Do I Sign Up For platinumOG status and giveaways?  Enjoy the perks of platinumOGstatus. Not only do you save 20% on every order, you are entered in to all contests and giveaways we dream up together!  You are involved in feedback, and the 1st to know about new products, new contests.  Enter your email address here.  Next, you will be granted permission to enter as a member, this can take up to 24 hours.  Once permissions have been granted, you will be able to enter your email (save this to bookmarks) here and it will allow you into  platinumOG member status.  Each month on the 20th,  platinumOG members will be emailed the new coupon code for the next month.( Coupon codes sent monthly will only work if you are signed in here )  

Do I Have To Sign Up For Auto-ship? No, you don't have to sign up, but, it does make getting a consistent flow of your basic blaze needs easier.  Just use the contact form to get set up with an authorization form and get your consistent flow of preroll cones and bic lighters at the frequency and amount you need.

Can I cancel my auto-ship status anytime? As a platinumOG ,member you can set up auto ship and Dollar Blaze Club will invoice you for a due date of the 20th of every month.  Once invoiced, we will ship your customized monthly order.  To cancel, email us (as stated here)  As always, you have complete control of having an auto-ship/invoice, with flexibility to change the needs each month by the 20th, just contact us  here.  You also have the option to turn it off or on anytime! Free will is a treasured thing!

Why Dollar Blaze Club?    Firstly, quality is of utmost importance, we all deserve the best, fact. So what’s so special about these pre-rolled paper cones? Established in 1994, we use Cones®. The original paper cone is Europe’s most popular brand of ultra-thin, high quality, smoking papers. Created in Amsterdam and still the preferred cone in Europe, they have had widespread success worldwide. Dollar Blaze Club uses these over Raw Preroll cones because they are made using the highest quality of unbleached rice paper, Cones are all natural!  These pre-rolled paper cones are available in the 2 most popular sizes, the 98mm and the King Size cones. All you have to do is fill them up  with your own provided legal herbs and enjoy!   Secondly,We know your time is important, and limited in our fast paced world, and your privacy is  extremely important as well. After all, our mission statement is to provide convenience and consistency to all members in terms of privacy, supply, price, high quality, and ease of services, with a streamlined, sensible approach unlike any smoke shop known in USA history, until now. Thirdly, we are here to provide a service for YOU. Dollar Blaze Club is NOT a trap of random, cliche items, that you may or may not use at some point. We want to provide you with the items you need, and are of consistent usefulness to you, the most important member in Dollar Blaze Club. The random stash box and/or monthly subscription mystery box is novel, but not useful for the no nonsense needs of a Dollar Blaze member. You desire consistent, useful items for your hard earned money, We Deliver! Also, The days of getting off work with the excitement of the tasty herbs at home just to find you have now ripped your last paper and your lighter just died are over. Once you are part of Dollar Blaze Club you are in control, you decide your preroll cones and lighter blazing needs, and we deliver discreetly to you, at your will! Finally, no need to have to run out to the nearest not so convenient store, or make extra trips to the smoke shop, when you just want your organic preroll cones and a reliable lighter, at your fingertips.  Honestly, It's not so bad to go and wade through the incense, posters, T-shirts and stickers when you are poised to carefully select your next quality glass pipe or bong. But really? Just to get your preroll cones and lighter? Dollar Blaze Club comes to you, at the frequency you need! You are in control! Hassle Free! Always Discreet. 

Why is it we can only have 1 option for shipping?  We ship USPS ground which is about 2 - 8 days for delivery. Due to FAA and government rules, lighters can only be transported on ground. So we only have the option to ship our products with the shippers as declared, which means ground transport only. We do our best to keep order process smooth, as it can take up to 48 hours to process orders.  The average actual time for a USPS ground delivery is 3 days, with 8 being the utmost longest.  The best way to keep your supplies consistent, is to sign up for platinumOG status and  also, choose to auto-ship/invoice. Your order will consistently begin processing on the 20th of each month, on time.  You always have the flexibility to update your orders before the 20th of each month, if needing to adjust more or less.  Joining is free, and gets you many perks, so join now!

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