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To Provide Convenience and Consistency to All Members in Terms of Privacy, Supply, Price, High Quality, and Ease of Services. Dollar Blaze Club was founded on the principle that our most precious commodity is time. We know what we want,and we know who we are, #AlwaysReadyToBlaze and We Are Reinventing the K.I.S.S. principle!  #KeepItSimpleStoner

Don't Go Blaze-less@420

Tired of going into a head shop just to get your preroll cones and/or bic lighter?  Don't you hate it when you get home from a hard day of work to blaze up your blue dream or True OG, just to find you forgot to stop once again to get your wraps and a bic lighter cuz your buddy took your lighter, again.  Then your last paper rips!? Let us bring it to you, consistently. At your pace, whatever makes you feel kush! #KeepItSimpleStoners All You need is Dollar Blaze Club on your team,so you can be...#AlwaysReadyToBlaze

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#KeepItSimpleStoners No need to complicate your life by running into a head shop just to get your raw/natural organic preroll cones.  We deliver to you, discreetly. No more being ignored in the sea of incense,expensive glass,bongs,rigs,pipes,and bumper stickers.  Ya know,all the head shop hoopla you try to avoid too often. Nor will you have to get your organic Preroll Cones overpriced.  Order today and become the first who help shape and blaze into the future of how we shop for rolling papers and lighters, our basic blaze needs.  Make it a Blue Dream, be an OG and keep it kush.  Thank you for joining us! Kind Regards,

DollarBlazeClub.com Founder