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preroll cones and bic lighters as a streamlined basic needs for rolling papers and lighters headshop

platinum OG Monthly Giveaway

 Each and every month on the 20th day, Dollar Blaze Club will be picking one platinum OG member from the last 30 days of orders, to win the giveaway of the month.  Each order made by a platinum OG winner will be entered, we will randomly pick a winner.  We will then video a boxing up of your prize, send it off to you, and email you the video, before putting it on our website and youtube channel as an announcement 24 hours later.  We encourage all winners to video themselves receiving their prize, and we will love to post on our website and social media.  Also, all platinum OG status members may receive random gifts of appreciation from Dollar Blaze Club.  Just because you are awesome, that's why! Join Now!

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As we develop in time, with the great responses platinum OG members give as feedback, you will always be the 1st to know.  Also, check out our "reefer-all" program. You get 5 bucks off your next order, and so do they! Pass it to the left, or right.  Just keep it in rotation and earn!  We love hearing from our platinumOG members and you can always reach us by emailing us info@ or gratitude@