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Perks of being a platinum OG status member are many. Simple, but many!  Joining is FREE and puts you into our monthly drawings and any special events DollarBlazeClub does outside of preroll cones and lighters!  We will being having monthly winners from orders received, for prizes ranging in value.  Some high end glass, and other smoking or dabbing accessories to enhance your monthly service of preroll cones and Bic lighters, without having to go to the head shop.  You save 20% off each month (everyone does until 09/01/2018 per our Grand Opening specials!) After that, all specials are for platinum OG status members only.  terms and conditions

Dollar Blaze Club will be having a contest running for all customers as part of the grand opening from 06/01/2018-09/01/2018. After you order, you will be emailed within 48 hours the details of the contest that  will run through 09/01/2018. Good Luck! You got this! After 09/01/2018, all contests and giveaways are only for platinum OG status members.  Of course, all are welcome to order without joining for free, but they will not receive the perks that only verified platinum OG members make available to themselves, by joining for free 

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Sign up to here to become a member. Members will hear from us about specials on our preroll cones and bic lighters. We are not going to disappear, run out of stock, and abandon you like some preroll cone amazon store. You will hear 1st of sales, you will be emailed 1st about our winners and be the 1st to know of new events. OG members always get 20% off. We sell natural/raw organic preroll cones/ rolling papers & Bic Lighters, as your basic blaze needs. Also comes w/ Doob tubes and OG stash tubes. Our prizes are useful and delightful items for cannabis connoisseur, and will also include, glass, rigs, bongs, and other items that are of value and useful. Only platinum OG members are eligible for prize drawings, after our initial launch ending 09/01/18. Join for Free and make us your online head shop for your preroll cone needs. We work hard for the most important person in the club, YOU! #AlwaysReadyToBlaze